Kirsten Hannabass- Sarasota Ski-a-rees

Kate, I love it!! Thank you so much!

Brook Grubs- Midwest Ski Otters

Eric & Caroline chose the song 'The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy' for their doubles routine for the 2015 Midwest Regionals competition. Water Wear Costumes was able to provide an affordable yet perfectly matched look to the 1940s theme.

Leah Passehl- Shawano Ski Sharks

Our team has ordered costumes from Waterwear Costumes for the past couple of seasons and we have been so pleased with the quality of the costumes. They have held up very well considering the wear and tear that they go through during our waterski shows in the summer. The costumes have all been custom designed for our team and the choice of colors and material has been beautiful! Kate is a pleasure to work with and very promptly addressed any concerns that we had or changes that we made to our orders. Thank you Kate for a wonderful product to showcase in our waterski shows! 

Shelly D'Aleo- Aqua Riders of Holland

Wow that is awesomeeeee! I can't wait to try them on! Its my favorite costume ever!

Amy Sleeman- Lauderdale Lakes Ski Team 

Kate is not only talented and knowledgeable, producing high-quality and gorgeous costumes, but she also provides excellent customer service and a personal touch. Kate listens to the customer's ideas and direction and offers creative solutions to meet their needs and visions. I love working with Kate and always look forward to seeing her latest creation!


Will Bazeley- Muskego Waterbugs

You Rock!

Kelly Mader- Webfooters 

Webfooters recently worked with Kate on designing a new ballet costume this year. Kate was incredibly patient with the design and worked with me to get the costume exactly how we wanted them. The process was painless and the turnaround was quick! They turned out perfect, and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase her great work this season! Thank you Kate!!

Kaila Coffey- Aquanuts

That looks so good. OMG I love it!! Love Love Love it!!! Ahhhhh!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! 

Customer Reviews!

Robin Sternhagen- Webfooters

Kate is awesome to work with! We are new to show skiiing and my daughter's first year doing strap doubles at State was last year. Kate helped get a custom costume for us at the last minute! She even did a little quick fix right at the competition for us! We came back to Kate for this year's costume because she was so helpful to us last year! This year, Kate helped my daughter design a custom costume and she finished it really quickly! My daughter loves her new costume! Kate noticed a little imperfection on the gloves and said that she would fix the problem. She is great to work with and has great customer service! Thanks for all your help Kate! You have a lifetime customer here!

Diane Engberg

wooooowwwwww!! I love it! All I can say is you are an amazing woman! #1 I CANNOT believe how well the costume fits! #2 I cannot believe how beautiful you made the ruffle. I love them both and thank you!

Buffy McLaughlin- Lake St. Louis Ski Team

I Love It, OMG. There aren't words!!

Anna Schoen- Kwahamots


Audrey Coffey- Aquanuts

Perfect!! You'd did an awesome job it fits perfect! The best costume Kaila has ever had! Your the best!

Lauren Sheldon- Aqua Riders of Holland

Water Wear Costumes is a great place to order your custom show ski costumes! I know I can always count on Kate to make me the perfect costume. I've had her make costumes for individual competition and she made some costumes for the team that I ski with that came out perfect! If you want a unique design, all you have to do is email her your idea and she will make it for you! Water Wear costumes are excellent quality, made just for you, and I would highly recommend them!

Ann Neumeyer- Kwahamots

Gorgeous! Dang girl. You are so fast!

Samantha Robertson- Wyoming 

Love the figure skating dress and Body suit Kate made for my daughter. Beautiful seamstress work!